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The service of " Naples Tour" is provided by Welcome to Art in collaboration with the Fancy Tour and Hotel Spanish Steps . Welcome to art , provides the service of guided tour. The Fancy Tours , travel agency , based in Naples, provides Trenitalia ticket service for the Rome- Naples A & R. The Spanish Steps Hotel (Hotel in Rome center) plays the role of organization and coordination . The mission of “ Welcome to art” is a project that stems from the awareness that Naples has a unique wealth of art and humanity in the world. Heritage that must be defended , protected , in its vitality so that you avoid those processes of mummification that have affected so many Italian and European towns . There are museums , institutions that have five hundred years of history and which have retained their cultural and social vitality because never abandoned. Places, in fact, where the works of art documents , objects are not things, but part of a story still alive ; places that have preserved their identity , which are recognized by the community. Places where culture is produced and where you work often on a voluntary basis . You want to connect , precisely those places that still have a soul so that the visit to different sites is not an easy journey but a tool to enter the complex world of our city.

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Naples between light and shadow

Itinerary on foot from Naples Central Station. An itinerary for those who want to get right to the heart of the city of Naples and discover all the secrets, path along the ancient walls of the tombs of kings, convents, treasures, ancient institutions lay still active in the…Read More

Naples: Ancient Cults

Itinerary to discover the cults of ancient Naples origin, including blood of the saints, souls pezzentele seeking adoption, newsagents, stories of devils saints. Guided tour "Naples: the ancient cults" a journey through the ancient cults of Naples to discover the wonders and history that…Read More

Naples from above

tinerary of light and spectacular views through the viewpoint of Carthusian monasteries, castles and royal palaces. The guided tour of "Naples from above" will allow you to go through the places (Museo di Capodimonte, Certosa di San Martino, ...) that have made ​​the city…Read More

Naples: the tradition

Plan your route through the old town and its extraordinary Archaeological Museum. A journey to discover the Neapolitan traditions across Piazza del Gesù church and cloister of Santa Chiara, San Severo Chapel, Church of Purgatorio ad Arco, Cloister of San Gregorio…Read More

Naples and its cavity

An itinerary that can be arranged also by feet for good walkers to enjoy the spectacle that only Naples has to offer. Guided tour "Naples and its cavity" from the Catacombs of San Gennaro, passing by the Church of Health until you get to the metro's most beautiful in the…Read More

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