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Discover the beauty of Rome and surroundings through the traditions, discover all guided tours!

Hotel Spanish Steps, Rome guided tours to discover the city, the people and the Capitoline many countries that are in the surrounding area. Guided tours in Rome are the best way to see the city, going to discover the most charming places of Ancient Rome, Christian Rome and the Rome underground. The role of Hotel Spanish Steps is one of coordination and supervision of the guided tours of Rome, in order to ensure the satisfaction of its guests, by providing you with highly qualified guides. Guided tours in Rome and surroundings must be booked in advance by contacting the property using the numbers or e-mail given at least 7 days from the date of arrival at the hotel in Rome.

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Ancient Rome

Discover the fascinating history of Rome still traceable through the visit of the biggest archaeological site on the open air. Enjoy the idea of a full immersion into the Ancient Rome living the thrill of Gladiators games inside the Coliseum and continuing with an amazing walk along the Roman…Read more

Ancient Ostia

A terrific alternative to Pompei, for anyone that want to live the same experience without having to go too far. Ancient port of Rome, Ostia was born as a military camp and developed in time as the commercial scale of Rome. We will visit the ancient city, walking along the ancient streets…Read more

Squares and Fountains

Stroll along the most famous squares of Rome, setting of all sorts of movies from "La dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini, to "Roman Holidays" and "The talented Mr. Ripley" just to name few. The visit will start from Piazza del Popolo, our neoclassic jewel and continue to the famous Spanish Steps…Read more

The Etruscans: Cerveteri and Tarquinia

Cerveteri, 25 ml north-west of RomeRich and famous city of the ancient Mediterranean sea, called by the inhabitants Kaysra, it is today known worldwide for the vast Necropolis: a real "city of the deads", with the typical tombs called "Tumoli". The Banditaccia Necropoli, has been declared…Read more

Christian Rome

A journey through the major basilicas of Rome. St. John in the Lateran, the first original seat of the Pope and also the city's Cathedral. Close to the famous Holy Steps that according to the legend Jesus walked on during Pilate's process and the Sancta Sanctorum. St. Paul's outside the Walls built…Read more


22 ml north-east of Rome (45 min drive) the visit of Rome cannot be considered complete without going to Tivoli. The ancient "Tibur" was in a favourite position, linked to Rome by the Aniene, tributary of the Tiber, and the Tiburtina Street. It is from Tivoli that the travertine was from. The…Read more

Vatican City

Definitely a must see once you are in Rome. The tour includes the whole of Vatican City. The Vatican Museums, one of the biggest in the world. Visit the Ancient Pope's residence with the "Stanze" of Raphael, the Greek and Roman sculptures collection and make your way to the…Read more

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