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Guided tour of The Etruscans: Cerveteri and Tarquinia

How to visit Rome with a guided tour "The Etruscans: Cerveteri and Tarquinia"

Cerveteri, 25 ml north-west of RomeRich and famous city of the ancient Mediterranean sea, called by the inhabitants Kaysra, it is today known worldwide for the vast Necropolis: a real "city of the deads", with the typical tombs called "Tumoli". The Banditaccia Necropoli, has been declared a Unesco site since 2004. Vast and fascinating it is more than 450 hectares, surrounding the whole area of the Ancient city. The visit includes the most important tombs: of the Huts, of Greeks Vases, Capitols, Mengarelli and Relieves. Tarquinia, 56 ml north-west of RomeAs soon as you will enter the 150 painted tombs, you will be transfer almost 2500 years ago, the light colors of the banquets scenes, the sacred rituals, the games; the everyday life will precisely describe this sophisticated society.The Monterozzi Necropoli, is a Unesco protected site since 2004.The visit will start with the small painted "ipogeo" (underground) tombs of the early ages to follow with the Hellenistic tombs: Pulcella, Fiore di Loto, Leonesse, Caccia e Pesca, Leopardi, Baccanti... The National Etruscan Museum, is for sure the best one to get a good understanding of the whole Etruscan era with the main findings. The tour could end after a stroll along the medieval historical centre and with a lunch in one of the picturesque restaurants to taste the local specialties.

Tour length 7 hours. Tour fee € 360,00.