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Guided tour of Tivoli

How to visit Rome with a guided tour "Tivoli"

22 ml north-east of Rome (45 min drive)The visit of Rome cannot be considered complete without going to Tivoli. The ancient "Tibur" was in a favourite position, linked to Rome by the Aniene, tributary of the Tiber, and the Tiburtina Street. It is from Tivoli that the travertine was from. The travertine was used to decorate all the public and private buildings (the Coliseum). From the Aniene valley 3 of the 11 aqueducts of Rome provided drinking water (Anio Vetus, Aqua Marcia, Anio Novus) and in Tivoli there were the most exclusive summer houses of the roman nobles and the villa of the Emperor Hadrian, real imperial city. In the mid 1500s after the Cardinal Ippolito II D'Este was nominated Governor of the town, the works of what will be considered one of the most well-known villas of all Europe will start: Villa D'Este.

Villa Adriana
It is set at the bottom of the town, in a panoramic position among the Tiburtini Mountains. At the time of the Emperor Hadrian it should have been the best complex of the Mediterranean as far as the contemporaries were stating. Hadrian invested his money and his energy. As far as we know he was directly designing and coordinating the team of architects that worked on it. He wanted to rebuild in a smaller scale all the places that he visited during his life. The tour includes the Pecile, the Hundreds Rooms, The Canopy, The Serapeo, The big and small baths, The Peschiera, The Golden Square, The Barracks of Fireman, The Heliocaminus Bath, The Room of philosopher and the Maritime Theatre.

Villa d’Este
With its park it is among the most romantic and fascinating villas of the Renaissance. It is considered among the most important example of Italian Style garden; with the fountains, path and vegetation. It is a mix of nature, art and architecture that made it famous all over the world. Started by Pirro Ligorio for the Cardinal Ippolito II D'Este in 1550. The Cardinal was the son of Lucretia Borgia, a very educated man that took care of every detail. In July, August and September it is possible to visit the villa in the evening, the memory of such experience will stay with you forever.

Tour lenght 7 hours. Tour fee € 360,00.